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Moderator: Hello friends, welcome to the Tencent Network Business School Development Forum site, sitting next to me this is Beijing Jiao Tong University Dean Professor Zhang Qiusheng, Professor Zhang welcome you. Professor Zhang is an old friend of our Tencent Business School, and first of all we would like to invite you to make an introduction before we start Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, polyu engineering provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

Zhang Qiusheng: Beijiao Jiaotong University is a member of the system, is a source of Jiaotong University. From 1986 Ye Hao, or 1909 Ye Hao, now more than 100 years time. 1896 is the earliest source of Jiaotong University last year to celebrate the 120th anniversary. The source of Beijiao In 1909, at the place where the Central Propaganda Department is now, Beijiao has originated from the railroad in more than 100 years to traffic and the demand for various aspects of service economy. Before the founding of the People's Liberation Army, it basically consisted of a business school structure. After the founding of the People's Republic, the discipline was adjusted and the engineering university was developed. We North to the Ministry of Education number is 1004, after the founding of engineering development, North Cross basically transformed into a multidisciplinary university, is now defined as an engineering university, we have the best history, because it is the earliest business College, Department of Economics and Management is also relatively strong overall strength, scale in China's economic management college which is still ranked second.

Moderator: This is a very good result. Just now you said that after 120 years of precipitation in our northern part, you have heard that your key word is reform. Just because we have a theme this year, our business school may fall under this piece of reform. Can you talk about the latest focus of our business school reform will fall?

Zhang Qiusheng: We have been reforming the theme we have been doing in recent years. Why should we change it? Because Beijing Jiaotong University was basically a traditional business school in the past, or we called the School of Economics and Management. However, for some time now, our school Good College also all want us to make breakthroughs in the management of reform, so we are one of the reform units of the National Pilot Institute in the field of economic management, only two colleges are Pilot Institute reform units, as the representative of the Engineering School, as The representative of the old business school, North Cross so many years have done a lot of work. The original more emphasis on internal reform, for example, how to teach students better, how to make teachers have enthusiasm with good students, allowing teachers to have some enthusiasm to participate in teaching and research activities. In recent years, the reforms have been more outward-oriented because business schools are now defined as colleges like BeiJia Da University in China's economic business school system, first of all it should be an international business school, such an international business school must have been China's International Business School can do it. Therefore, we still need to develop in the direction of China International Business School in terms of reform. So internationalization is one of our main themes. The second aspect of reform faces some challenges as the economy grows, so we have to rely on big tech big data technology to transform ourselves not only to provide students with such a context for understanding but also for ourselves Management, but also need to use the perspective of information to improve and do a good job of our wisdom management Trouble at choosing hair care products? NU SKIN hair care products makes your hair healthy and shinny again in only 7 days!.

Moderator: Now the development of the Internet is very fast, you just mentioned that we will also use Internet teaching in teaching technology, the current artificial intelligence AI is still very popular, do you think the Internet on our college development have any effect?

Zhang Qiusheng: For example, the first of our management professional is science and technology, one is the material management, the first is the logistics, for example, we are talking about accounting positions will disappear, certainly will not disappear, as long as someone's place to leave Open wisdom. But accounting is still part of the procedural work, even if the study of big data can not solve these problems, we see a post is not disappearing, or look at what can be replaced, and now many large state-owned enterprises, many international companies Ye Hao, and even consulting firms are proposing this kind of big data to solve accounting problems, but the core part of the alternative or occupational operations positions, through the accounting factory, through some intelligent things to provide decision support, but the real number of decisions From the current point of view or need people to solve. This coincided with our position in economics and management as a place for accounting. Since we are training leading cadres, we have not only failed to replace them, I think they will be strengthened. For another example, logistics, we all know that logistics is closely linked with the new system, smart logistics how to develop well, I am not an expert in this area, but as vice president of China Federation of Logistics procurement will see this trend, this trend will bring With the Internet or smart logistics, it will evolve in a more intelligent, high-end, green, coordinated, open and shared way. In fact, we are very much in line with our current concept of development. The concept of development is also based on the development of our economy Thinking The next job that distributors of pharmaceutical products have to carry out is send these to various pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and drug stores for further sale..

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  Universities win permission to charge £2,000 premium for two-year degrees

  Universities will be allowed to charge students almost £2,000 a year more in fees in return for allowing them to complete a degree over two years instead of three, ministers have revealed.

  The decision to allow universities to charge a 20% premium for so-called “accelerated degrees” is the latest attempt to encourage more institutions to offer the option Dream beauty pro.

  It follows frustrations inside government that only about 2,500 students – just a fifth of 1% – are studying accelerated degrees, despite hopes that they would encourage more mature students into higher education, as well as those who do not want to commit to three years on campus.

  There has long been support among ministers from different parties to encourage the growth of two-year degrees, but universities have complained that the extra costs of their longer term times and the loss of a year’s tuition fees meant they were reluctant to offer them.

  There had been suggestions earlier this year that universities could be allowed to charge the full three years’ worth of fees over two years, which would have seen students paying more than £13,500 a year. However, ministers have opted to allow institutions to charge a premium that they believe will cover any extra costs.

  Under the latest proposals, universities will be able to charge up to £11,100 a year in fees for accelerated degrees, compared with the £9,250 paid by regular undergraduates.

  The fast-track degrees offer the same qualifications and are quality-assured in the same way as a standard degree. The new fees regime should be in place by September 2019. However, they have to be approved by parliament – which may be problematic for the government when faced with a Labour party determined to abolish fees altogether.

  Jo Johnson, the universities minister, said the move was part of the government’s attempts to “bust open the increasingly inflexible system of higher education”. He argued that the average student taking up the shorter courses would be £25,000 better off due to lower overall fees and an extra year’s earnings.

  “There are savings for the student, big savings for the taxpayer, and universities have an incentive now to offer these courses, because instead of losing all of that final year of income, they just forgo a proportion of it,” he said.

  He said he was confident that universities would now come forward and offer the accelerated courses, and that there would be a “huge first-mover advantage” to the institutions that did so.

  The shorter degrees might encourage more mature students to go in to higher education, Johnson said, but the move was not explicitly an attempt to head off skills shortages when immigration controls are tightened after Brexit Dream beauty pro.

  Stop treating university degrees as something to be endured | Jonathan Wolff

  Read more

  “Over the years, we’ve seen the classic three-year residential model take up an increasingly large market share,” Johnson told the Observer. “We have been concerned by the decline in some areas of provision that we want to give a boost to now – and in particular we have been worried about the decline in mature students looking at higher education to reskill, retrain and adapt to a changing economy.”

  A recent government survey found that 73% of higher education providers reported demand from students or employers for the courses, but 36% of responders cited concerns about the cost of delivering them. More established universities were found to be less likely to offer them.

  Alistair Jarvis, chief executive of Universities UK, said: “Several universities have been offering two-year, fast-track degrees for a number of years, but demand has been limited under the current system. But if these proposals help encourage even more flexible modes of study, and meet the needs of a diverse range of students and employers, it is to be welcomed Dream beauty pro.

  “The priority is ensuring that each student is given good advice and information so that they can choose the course and university that is right for them. While the three-year undergraduate degree on campus will remain the preferred option for many students, accelerated degrees could also meet the needs of many students and their families.”

  Les Ebdon, the director of the regulator Fair Access to Higher Education, said accelerated degrees were “an attractive option for mature students who have missed out on the chance to go to university as a young person” PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. PolyU Optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong..

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LONDON (Reuters) - Uber’s [UBER.UL] secret $100,000 pay-off to hackers to cover up a massive breach of customer and driver data at the ride-hailing firm raises “huge concerns” about its data policies and ethics, Britain’s data protection regulator said on Wednesday PolyU has a strong record for collaborative Research and innovative research in Asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new products..

“Deliberately concealing breaches from regulators and citizens could attract higher fines for companies,” James Dipple-Johnstone, deputy commissioner of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, said in a statement.

The maximum penalty is 500,000 pounds ($662,350.00) under current British law for organizations that fail to notify affected users and regulators when data breaches occur.

The new management of San Francisco-based Uber said on Tuesday that it had only learned recently that personal information from about Uber 57 million accounts had been stolen in 2016. Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi, who replaced co-founder Travis Kalanick as CEO in August, said the company had fired two senior security officials involved in the cover-up LPG M6.

Uber said it was in the process of notifying various regulatory authorities but declined to comment further.

($1 = 0.7549 pounds)

Reporting by Eric Auchard, editing by Louise Heavens

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles LPG M6.

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"Itisonethingtobeabletolietoyourdoctor.Itisanotherthingtobecalledaliarorbeyelledat.Itsoundsamusingbutdoctorsaregoingtohavetolearnhowtomanagenon-compliantbehaviorinawaytheyhaven’thadtodobefore The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!."

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Due to the impact of many factors such as life pressure and work pressure, the number of infertility among the population of childbearing age in our country is gradually increasing. However, having children is still the pursuit of many people, because these people are eager to find some ways to conceive. However, almost all kinds of methods have been tried, but his wife's stomach still no response. What has actually happened?

Four factors lead to infertility

First, frequent sexual intercourse.

Many couples think it is not enough because they are not enough to "work hard", so many husbands and wives frequently perform sexual intercourse. Actually, too often, the male's sperm becomes more and more thinner, resulting in fewer sperm and more and more quality Bad situation.

Second, stature is obese.

If women are obese, body leptin, insulin and so easy to rise, can lead to serious can not ovulate, and will increase the risk of suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome index, thus exacerbating the situation of anovulation.

Third, poor sperm quality.

Most men have smoking, drinking, staying up late and other bad habits, these will affect the quality of sperm. Coupled with the pressure of men, many men are in a state of sub-health, male sperm in this state is not high quality.

Fourth, tubal inflammation.

According to the survey, 40 to 60% of infertility patients are due to tubal inflammation, which will lead to tubal blockage, and can not make eggs and sperm normal encounter.

These four are the main factors that modern people can not bear. So what should we do to be successful with children?

Do a good job these few things can be pregnant

A reasonable sex life

Frequent sexual intercourse does not necessarily make people, so we do not want to indulge, but do not need to abstinence, the number of sexual life modest enough.

2. Increase the vitality of the egg

The sperm is not viable and can not successfully conceive. Therefore, both husband and wife can usually eat more eggs, meat and other foods, to increase the vitality of sperm or egg, increasing the chance of conception.

3. Drink water to eliminate inflammation

Drinking water is good for health, we all know it. But we do not know is that women drink plenty of water for the fetus to provide a healthy and stable development environment. If women usually have the habit of brewing dandelion tea with hot water, they can play a role in preventing inflammation.

4. Both husband and wife do check

The woman's words, then the need for female sex hormone test, thyroid function tests, gynecological B ultrasound, ovulation monitoring, hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and other tests.

Men's words, should be a medical history and strict physical examination, testicular size test, but also need to do some semen examination, sex hormone test, scrotal ultrasound B, sperm function-related determination of sperm acrosin activity and mixed globulin response and other laboratory tests An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn\'t that irritating? So, it\'s always better to buy an oil vape pen battery from reputed online sites!.

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Enhance immunity can eat these

Enhance immunity can eat these


Broccoli is very nutritious and Broccoli is a good broccoli in effective disease-fighting vegetables. It is rich in folic acid, vitamin C and beta-carotene to help boost immunity against colds and flu .

White radish

White radish sweet cool, white radish is rich in vitamin C and trace elements, can increase their own immunity, improve their own resistance. Why eat winter radish eat ginger? White radish amylase can break down the starch and fat in food to help nutrition absorption. Honey white radish juice can cure cough, sputum.

Pasteurized mushroom powder

Papaver's Mushroom Powder is rich in active polysaccharides, is 5 times Ganoderma lucidum, can directly affect the immune system, but also contains six major nutrients such as protein, vitamin B1, B2 and sangurate, not only can enhance immunity, but also anti The role of cancer anti-cancer, the simplest is that you can drink with warm water brewing, is a rare health food ingredients.


In addition to tomato tomatoes contain lycopene, but also rich in blood pressure control of vitamin A and vitamin K. Usually you can eat more often The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!.
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Wide government support

Upon walking into a crowded Demo Day event at UTEC Ventures — a business accelerator and the entrepreneurial department at Lima’s engineering and technology university, UTEC — you’d be surprised to learn that just three years ago, Lima’s tech ecosystem was very deflated. In fact, the accelerator had difficulty finding startups to work with when it launched in 2014.

“We literally looked at every corner of the city trying to find some good startups,” said UTEC Ventures Program Manager and co-founder Andrés Benavides. “The pipeline of projects has increased significantly. I can even say exponentially.”

So what was the turning point for the ecosystem? Most notably, the government began to invest in innovation. Ministry of Production initiative Startup Peru was launched in 2012, with an objective to promote the emergence of Peruvian startups and innovative products. Just this year, 837 projects applied for seed capital from Startup Peru — of those, 106 ventures were chosen to receive the equivalent of $5,000, $46,000 and $153,000 USD in funding.

Silicon Valley is not magical. They’re not magicians over there. They are all very human. Peru has the potential to do similar things. — Claire Delaunay, Uber Director of Engineering
There’s also Innovate Peru, which the Ministry of Innovation launched in 2014. Its goal is to strengthen companies, entrepreneurs and support systems within the Peruvian ecosystem, and facilitate collaboration between them through dozens of specific funds — such as offering money for scientific equipment at institutions, or high-impact projects for the Peruvian economy, society or environment Derma 21 hard sell.

And over the years, the amount of funding has grown. Peru now boasts a whopping $100 million fund to promote micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) loaned $40 million USD toward the fund, with the Peruvian Ministry of Finance putting in $60 million USD. Even more, The World Bank approved a $45 million USD loan earlier this year for the development of science, technology, and innovation in Peru Derma 21 hard sell.

Additionally, Lima is currently working with the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program — a two-year initiative that works with local government, academia, investors, entrepreneurs and corporations to develop an actionable framework for strengthening innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Other notable players in the ecosystem include Universidad del Pacifico, where much of the tech talent arises, Peru’s first accelerator Wayra, accelerator Endeavour Peru, as well as 10 other accelerators and incubators in the community Derma 21 hard sell.
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Jun can be seen

Jun can be seen, three thousand blue silk, only for the point of ink into the crazy. I want to vote in this deepest red, in order to change your love for a long time, life fireworks reenex.
I do not know how you can drive away from my heart, Jun can know, from the moment you encounter, my sadness will stretch it blue banshee leaves, lonely will be quietly spread in every night. From the moment you fell in love with, my life will not have a bright sunny day.

Not because of loneliness to miss you, but because you want to be lonely. Keep a place to fall, breakdown of your thoughts, miss your incense in the dead of night when the heart reenex.

I sleep on your thoughts and sleep.

Perhaps, all the world of all meet is not accidental, it is past life of the resentment, is a long time to reunite the cause and effect, is forgotten River River persistent ups and downs, is a stone on the stone that kind of read.

Looking back, love has become a war. I would like to make the cliff side of the red Han Han, so long the rain to the whole heart Qin get through the wet. In the future, I can only, in the heart of thousands of miles of smoke waves, a pole alone to go.

Season of rain, wet clothes, can naturally dry; However, ruthless red wet heart, how should I warm? Looking back through the years, whether the past has smoke reenex.

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Time, with no real friends; years, can not retain the illusory possession. Time conversion, experience the fate of fickle; plain speechless, feeling the human well-being. Determined people, whether you are in and not, will miss; unintentional love, whether you are good and bad, just indifferent. Through a section of the road, always have a comprehend; experience some things, to see some people. Real friends, do not have to think, because never forget; never betray, is the true friend; see and let go, is really waiting dr bk laser

People in the abjection, only to know who is the warmest; love in the quarrel, only to understand who is the softest heart. A person who only knows how to shed blood for you, is a friend of liver and gallbladder; a people who only know that tears are shed for your blood, is a profound love. Real friends, not proud how many people sought after, but in the frustration is willing to help; real feelings, not the sea of ​​rotten sweet words, but in the impoverished and willing to go with you displaced. Very often, people in the deepest despair, can often see the most beautiful scenery!

When you are proud, your friends know you; Only in the abjection to understand, would like to pull you a person how small. Only in the poorest time to understand, no matter how good feelings are also difficult reality, people are not afraid of money are afraid of hardship. Only in the long life to understand, everyone can love you but few people willing to endure you. So, this world is the most cherished is the three kinds of people: a friend in a timely manner, would like to accompany you through the poor woman, all tolerate your men dr bk laser!

True friends, that is parting, do not care, encourage each other, tell each other will be how, but after the separation but infinite thoughts of each other; real friends is difficult when you help you, but do not need to return the person; true friends Will never let you shed tears! When you are uncomfortable, he is also uncomfortable, when you are happy he is also happy, he is the second you, in him you can see their own miniature! Simply put, the real friend is Able to appreciate each other, mutual sincerity, mutual trust, mutual understanding and tolerance of each other!

Always want to take him as his own person! Real friends in fact everyone has their own definition of the heart, but the most important thing is whether or not cause misunderstanding but can really think for you ... ... real friends, heart consonance, Irrelevant wine, no interest, nothing to do with the level, no cheap, no time and space barrier, is the spiritual tacit understanding, is the disposition of temperament, is the soul of attachment, is the heart of the accommodation. Real friends, acquaintance, interlinked, as the sun and the moon trip, regardless of changing circumstances, not diminishing its shine.

Real friends, do not have to be too close, do not push the cup for the light, no red tape, no exchange of interest, no desire between each other, tacit. Real friends, a cup of water, a message, and even an idea, they can physically and mentally care. Real friends, is a good personality of the fortune, such as flowers generally natural, such as morning to accept the sun upside down. True friend, know each other as a mirror, respect for each other! Real friends, expensive and not expensive, your sincere and not expensive. Real friends, is a noble personality charm of the call, is the embodiment of the two souls at the same time fragrance, is the fragrance of the soul!

Real friends, is a gentleman of the light water, flat light is true. True friends, that is, mutual trust, mutual respect, no words do not say, at a critical time to help you without hesitation to help you; true friend is dare to say no friends, what to say, can not put friends The real friend is to be more for each other to consider, can not patronize their own, do not want a friend; true friends can be a good friend can be a good friend To help you understand their own shortcomings and advantages; true friends are still when you abdomen still like you in the past, when you brilliant when not change the original intention; true friend is sad when you can cry with you, when you laugh You are happy.

Real friends, can be heart for heart, whenever you worry when he will stand out to help you share. Real friends, will not abandon you, and will not betray you against you. Real friends, is your own efforts to fight, and not casually handed over. A true friend is someone who can be blessed with you, and you will not be betrayed for you.

Real friends, when you are sad and helpless, give you comfort and care; in your disappointment when the time, give you confidence and strength; in your success when happy to share your victory and joy. In the journey of life, despite the ups and downs, there are rugged, but a real friend, you can give you encouragement, give you care, and help you through the most difficult years. Real friends, no need to think, because never forget dr bk laser.

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Headset-based VR and AR may be a bit slower out of the gates than many had hoped, but investors are still pouring money into startups looking to change how consumers interact with the digital world dr bk laser.

Leap Motion, a hand-tracking company based in San Francisco, has raised $50 million in Series C funding led by clients advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, the WSJ reports. The startup has raised nearly $95 million to date.

The startup, backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund, has long billed its hand-tracking technologies as a replacement for the venerated mouse and keyboard, but the seven-year-old company has struggled to find interface problems for its technology to solve dr bk laser.

Three-dimensional hand-tracking always seemed to be an ill fit for interacting with objects projected on 2D desktop displays, but now with virtual and augmented reality, Leap Motion is aiming to master human-computer interaction on a platform that no one has really mastered to date.

Gathering human input for VR/AR headsets has been a tough challenge for hardware manufacturers already steeped in tough challenges, but Leap Motion has been slow to attract manufacturer support despite the sophistication of their hand-tracking platform, which reproduces a virtual skeletal model of the hand using computer vision that updates depending on a user’s hand positions.

Gaming-oriented VR companies like HTC, Sony and Facebook’s Oculus have opted for traditional handheld controllers on current generation hardware, but Oculus has already shown that it is experimenting with glove-like controllers. The companies behind AR headsets like HoloLens, Meta and Magic Leap have meanwhile seemed to default to hand-tracking tech, though each appears to be building its own solutions. So far, the company’s most prominent partnership success has been one with Qualcomm on a headset reference design for OEMs.

The company’s focus has largely been centered on consumers, but in a blog post announcing today’s funding the company detailed that it will be looking to “broaden its reach into new commercial and enterprise applications including education, healthcare, and industrial training simulation.” The company also announced it will be opening a new office in Shanghai dr bk laser.

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