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Moderator: Hello friends, welcome to the Tencent Network Business School Development Forum site, sitting next to me this is Beijing Jiao Tong University Dean Professor Zhang Qiusheng, Professor Zhang welcome you. Professor Zhang is an old friend of our Tencent Business School, and first of all we would like to invite you to make an introduction before we start Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, polyu engineering provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

Zhang Qiusheng: Beijiao Jiaotong University is a member of the system, is a source of Jiaotong University. From 1986 Ye Hao, or 1909 Ye Hao, now more than 100 years time. 1896 is the earliest source of Jiaotong University last year to celebrate the 120th anniversary. The source of Beijiao In 1909, at the place where the Central Propaganda Department is now, Beijiao has originated from the railroad in more than 100 years to traffic and the demand for various aspects of service economy. Before the founding of the People's Liberation Army, it basically consisted of a business school structure. After the founding of the People's Republic, the discipline was adjusted and the engineering university was developed. We North to the Ministry of Education number is 1004, after the founding of engineering development, North Cross basically transformed into a multidisciplinary university, is now defined as an engineering university, we have the best history, because it is the earliest business College, Department of Economics and Management is also relatively strong overall strength, scale in China's economic management college which is still ranked second.

Moderator: This is a very good result. Just now you said that after 120 years of precipitation in our northern part, you have heard that your key word is reform. Just because we have a theme this year, our business school may fall under this piece of reform. Can you talk about the latest focus of our business school reform will fall?

Zhang Qiusheng: We have been reforming the theme we have been doing in recent years. Why should we change it? Because Beijing Jiaotong University was basically a traditional business school in the past, or we called the School of Economics and Management. However, for some time now, our school Good College also all want us to make breakthroughs in the management of reform, so we are one of the reform units of the National Pilot Institute in the field of economic management, only two colleges are Pilot Institute reform units, as the representative of the Engineering School, as The representative of the old business school, North Cross so many years have done a lot of work. The original more emphasis on internal reform, for example, how to teach students better, how to make teachers have enthusiasm with good students, allowing teachers to have some enthusiasm to participate in teaching and research activities. In recent years, the reforms have been more outward-oriented because business schools are now defined as colleges like BeiJia Da University in China's economic business school system, first of all it should be an international business school, such an international business school must have been China's International Business School can do it. Therefore, we still need to develop in the direction of China International Business School in terms of reform. So internationalization is one of our main themes. The second aspect of reform faces some challenges as the economy grows, so we have to rely on big tech big data technology to transform ourselves not only to provide students with such a context for understanding but also for ourselves Management, but also need to use the perspective of information to improve and do a good job of our wisdom management Trouble at choosing hair care products? NU SKIN hair care products makes your hair healthy and shinny again in only 7 days!.

Moderator: Now the development of the Internet is very fast, you just mentioned that we will also use Internet teaching in teaching technology, the current artificial intelligence AI is still very popular, do you think the Internet on our college development have any effect?

Zhang Qiusheng: For example, the first of our management professional is science and technology, one is the material management, the first is the logistics, for example, we are talking about accounting positions will disappear, certainly will not disappear, as long as someone's place to leave Open wisdom. But accounting is still part of the procedural work, even if the study of big data can not solve these problems, we see a post is not disappearing, or look at what can be replaced, and now many large state-owned enterprises, many international companies Ye Hao, and even consulting firms are proposing this kind of big data to solve accounting problems, but the core part of the alternative or occupational operations positions, through the accounting factory, through some intelligent things to provide decision support, but the real number of decisions From the current point of view or need people to solve. This coincided with our position in economics and management as a place for accounting. Since we are training leading cadres, we have not only failed to replace them, I think they will be strengthened. For another example, logistics, we all know that logistics is closely linked with the new system, smart logistics how to develop well, I am not an expert in this area, but as vice president of China Federation of Logistics procurement will see this trend, this trend will bring With the Internet or smart logistics, it will evolve in a more intelligent, high-end, green, coordinated, open and shared way. In fact, we are very much in line with our current concept of development. The concept of development is also based on the development of our economy Thinking The next job that distributors of pharmaceutical products have to carry out is send these to various pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and drug stores for further sale..

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